03. 05. 2014

Where Are They Now

Remember these guys? Early stats, one month into the season: Robinson Cano: 2B BA: .288 HR: 1 RBI: 10   Curtis Granderson:  Mets OF BA: .163 HR: 2 RBI: 10     Phil...

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12. 02. 2014


And then there were none. Yankees Captain Derek Jeter caught everyone off guard today when he posted his retirement announcement on his Facebook page today. Millions of Yankees fans were shocked. Derek Jeter...

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11. 01. 2014
arod 3B

Who’s on Third?

Alex Rodriguez, suspended for the entire 2014. In an unprecedented move, the arbitrator for A-Rod vs. MLB told Rodriguez to take his bat, ball and glove and go home. He will have to...

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06. 12. 2013
Robinson Cano

So, Anything Good Happen Today?

Three things happened today. 1.  The Yankees lost their most productive player, 2B Robinson Cano, to the Seattle Mariners.   10-years/$240 million.  There’s no way the new, allegedly money-conscious Yankees were going to...

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04. 12. 2013

Damon 2.0

Now may be a good time to ask “What happened to the Yankees $189 million dollar roster grand plan?” The Yankees dug deep to sign former Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury to a...

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28. 09. 2013

Complete Game. Career Complete.

Without Mariano Rivera in the bullpen to save his final game — Andy Pettitte decided, “what the heck, I’ll do it myself.” Pettitte pitched a complete game and led the Yankees to a...

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26. 09. 2013

Time To Go


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11. 09. 2013

Congratulations Bobby Valentine on the Dumbest. Argument. Ever.

There is no competition on 9-11 for who felt worse, who did what and who helped more. Unless, apparently, you’re Bobby Valentine. The former Mets manager decided now is a good time to...

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03. 09. 2013
St. Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates

Beat the Streak

Welcome back to the party Pittsburgh. The Pirates won their 81st game of the season Tuesday night, ending a 20-year run of futility. 2013 is now their first winning season in two decades....

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17. 07. 2013


This was absolutely, 100% perfect.

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